Since launching earlier in the 2019/20 academic year, we’ve rolled out rapidly, and our revolutionary school transport technology Kura is now currently operational in more than 30 of the UK’s most forward-thinking schools.

However, to truly transform the school run we knew we needed to go wider and introduce Kura to as many key education influencers as possible. And what better place than the world’s leading education technology (EdTech) exhibition, BETT 2020?

Bringing together more than 800 game-changing education technology innovators, nearly 200 hours of free educational content and over 375 inspirational speakers, BETT has traditionally been the go-to annual event for the education sector. With the best and brightest minds in EdTech all under one roof, BETT was the perfect venue for us to officially “unveil” Kura to the world at large – an opportunity we took full advantage of.

Exhibiting on all four days of the event, we met with a variety of schools, education journalists and some of the education sector’s leading figures – all of whom were excited to see Kura first-hand and hear more about our mission to revolutionise home-to-school travel for good.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the event and see Kura in action, here’s a short explainer on exactly how our game-changing technology works, and how it transforms home-to-school travel.

Kura brings together a powerful suite of tracking and app technologies to provide schools with a safer, greener more efficient school run. This can significantly save schools time and money, increase pupil uptake of school transport and, consequently, reduce traffic congestion both on the roads and at the school gates.

Using advanced geofencing technology, Kura allows schools and parents to keep track of when pupils get on and off the bus, while also providing transparent, real-time journey updates when the school bus passes through pre-determined journey markers, such as local bus stops or journey landmarks.

Schoolchildren can “tap” on and off the school bus using an NFC (Near Field Communication) fob. Our system then notifies trusted family members, guardians or friends in real-time when the children are boarding or alighting, in turn significantly easing parental concerns about their children’s safety during school hours.

Through Kura, we make sure that parents feel reassured in opting for school buses as their child’s means of transport between home and school each day. This in turn removes cars from the road and substantially decreases schools’ carbon footprint. Indeed, just one 49-seater Kura-powered coach can take as many as 31 cars off the road. That’s the equivalent of reducing a school’s carbon emissions by as much as 75% per 20-mile shared journey!

As well as greatly improving pupil safeguarding, our technology even analyses routes and identifies the quickest, most efficient travel times whilst avoiding areas of congestion. This in turn means that drivers can adapt their routes in real-time, which further reduces journey mileage and toxic emissions.

Overall, our time at BETT 2020 was extremely successful and, while we’re still recharging our batteries, we know that the journey to revolutionise the school run has only just begun. Thanks to our work at BETT, our mission is picking up speed, but we need more schools, parents, and pupils on board to create the truly lasting change the school run has been crying out for. And that’s where you come in.

Whether we had the pleasure of meeting you at BETT, or perhaps you couldn’t make it to the show but want to hear more, we’d love to hear from you! We’re a friendly bunch, so drop us a line and let’s have a chat.