The school run is currently one of the main reasons behind both rush-hour traffic congestion and the toxic air polluting our towns and cities. That’s on top of being a major, daily headache for over a third (34%) of parents, according to our research.

For example, did you know that one in four cars on the road during rush hour comes from the school run? And, more worryingly, almost two thirds of the toxic air pollution children breathe in each day is during school hours?

Clearly, the school run has serious room for improvement. But where to start?

Luckily, as a parent there are a number of ways that you can do your part to create a greener, more efficient school run for your kids. Let’s take a closer look at a few below:

 Make use of school-run transport

 Greater uptake of shared school-managed transport would go a long way towards solving the problem of school run traffic congestion. Indeed, just one 49-seater Kura coach can take as many as 31 cars off the road. That’s potentially a 75% reduction in carbon emissions per 20-mile shared coach journey.

However, we found that only one in five children currently uses school transport. If more pupils and parents “got on board” with shared home-to-school services the impact – in areas such as reducing traffic congestion, harmful emissions and even just parental stress in the mornings – would be huge.

This is why Kura was born – to make shared school transport a greener, safer, more intelligent option for pupils, parents and schools alike. Our goal is to revolutionise the school run using technology to provide innovative solutions to the issues that have plagued home-to-school travel for far too long, such as pupil safeguarding, transparency and visibility (or lack thereof).

Using our advanced geofencing technology, Kura allows you to keep track of when your children get on and off the bus, while providing transparent, real-time journey updates as the school bus passes through pre-determined journey markers (such as local bus stops).

We’re also constantly working to optimise the route your child’s school bus takes between school and home; reducing mileage, helping the environment and making sure your kids spend their time either in the classroom or with you at home – not stuck in traffic.

Buddy up

Another way to take cars off the road is for pupils to share the car journey with friends or classmates, reducing both the number of trips and miles driven on the school run. This in turn relieves congestion and cuts down on the harmful emissions produced by the school run.

Pupils who live close to each other could also “buddy up” in another way by forming groups to walk to and from school together. Not only does this benefit the environment, it’s a great way for the kids to get some fresh air, exercise and quality time with their friends, which in turn improves both their physical and mental health.

According to NHS guidelines young people (aged 5-18) need around 60 minutes of moderate exercise a day. While most of this time will come from P.E. lessons and time on the playground, walking to and from school with friends will ensure kids are as happy and healthy as they can be.

With innovative technologies such as the HomeRun platform, you can now even monitor your children’s journey to and from school in real-time, giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your child is from door-to-door.

 You have the power

Do you want to take the power into your own hands and create lasting, positive change for your school run by banding together with like-minded parents to create your own shared travel service?

We want to help you make that happen.

That’s why we’ve created the below easy-to-follow, step-by-step Kura Parent Power Guide, with simple instructions for how you can go about doing your bit to revolutionise home-to-school travel by becoming a Kura Champion.

The Kura Parent Power Guide

Step 1: Take a look at our Digital Champions Flyer and fill it in, or print it out and take it to your school.

Step 2: Complete your details then jot down the names & emails of 6-10 like-minded parents on the form on the reverse. There’s no “hard and fast” rule – the more the merrier. Around six would be great.

Step 3: Email either your digital flyer or a photograph of your printout to [email protected], OR sign-up via this online form. We’ll then get in touch with your school.

Then… leave the rest to us!

Once your new school run goes live you, as our Kura Champion, will receive one term’s FREE transport – on us!


Let’s revolutionise the school run – together

 One journey at a time, we’re flying the flag for a safer, more environmentally-friendly school run that improves the lives of both you and your children every day. Interested in finding out more and – hopefully! – joining our cause? Get in touch with us at and let’s get the wheels in motion.