In January we launched our home-to-school transport and technology service Kura at our very first school in Greater Manchester! St Bede’s College in Whalley Range became the first school to revolutionise its school run and get “on board” with Kura and all it has to offer.

The launch day was a great success and Kura will help over 300 pupils have a greener and safer bus journey to and from school, operating across six different travel routes.

But why did St Bede’s College choose to use Kura? Read below to find out just some of the ways in which Kura is helping the school, the pupils and parents to transform their school run and make a positive step to using shared transport and taking more cars off the road.

Using Kura helps to support the school’s safeguarding policy

One of the main benefits that St Bede’s College received through using Kura was its safety feature offerings. Our service allows parents to keep an eye on their child’s journey and know where they are when using the bus service. The pupils can “tap” on and off the bus using a tracking fob that goes on to notify their parent or guardian in real-time.

Being in the know about where the students were on their journey was one of the most important features for the Headmaster of St Bede’s College when he spoke about Kura at the launch day. Mr Louis d’Arcy said his school’s ‘safeguarding provision is of the highest quality’ and ‘the college is continually seeking to provide its parents with innovative solutions to their daily struggles’ – and Kura is helping them do this already!

By stopping parents from worrying about where their child is, or whether they have made it onto the school bus home, our service reassures parents and encourages them to put their child on the bus over getting into the car each day.

Kura is helping the school support Manchester’s Clean Air Plan

Early last year Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, made a pledge to support the government’s Clean Air Plan – an initiative that is part of the UK’s legally-binding pledge to be net-zero emissions by 2050. And with research revealing that almost two thirds of the toxic air pollution that children breathe in each day comes during school hours, the school run is an important aspect to address. This is supported by our research, which found that one in two parents (48%) believe traffic fumes near schools presents a serious health concern for their children, and reducing this is therefore a high priority for both parents and schools alike.

St Bede’s College has been able to take a stand alongside the Mayor’s Clean Air Plan by working to reduce the number of cars on the roads during the school run, with our help. St Bede’s College saw the importance of our Kura service to not only help parents feel more comfortable sending their child on school transport (with impressive safety features), but also as a great way to reduce the traffic fumes and number of cars that could gather around the school. By encouraging shared transport, the school is challenging the environmental harm of the school run and having a positive impact on the mayor’s zero-emissions goal.

Now the school is using Kura to take an active role in reducing their city’s harmful emissions – and we’re glad we can help them make a such a positive and important impact!

How can you get your child’s school involved in the Kura revolution?

St Bede’s College is just the first of many schools that are joining Kura for a safer, more environmentally-friendly school run for its parents and pupils. So, if you’re a parent who wants to group together with other like-minded parents to support a shared travel service or a school looking to offer a new method of safe school travel for your pupils, we can help you get the wheels rolling.

Get in touch with us at to begin your journey with us today!